Guillaume Dueymes

Data Scientist and Research Assistant



I am able to discuss and negotiate with scientists/analysts from different backgrounds in order to understand their needs and offer them the best solution and more importantly develop tools that are unanimously accepted. I worked in various environments, ranging in the development of extreme weather indices (droughts, extreme precipitation…), validation of regional climate models, development of epidemiological indices, monitoring of vector disease, analysis of storm trajectories or work on instrumental data. I am interested by Open Science and willing to learn about Data Science.


  • Climate change
  • Data science
  • Database
  • Python


  • Master’s Professional Degree in Meteorology, 2006

    UQAM university

  • Master’s Degree in Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences, 2005

    Paul Sabatier Toulouse University and Meteo France

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics, 2003

    Beaulieu University Rennes 1


  • Python : Python user and trainer for our department. Skilled Python 3, numpy, matplotlib, Seaborn, Pandas, xarray, cartopy, Basemap, scipy, datetime, multiprocessing, Dask, metpy, pyproj, pygrib, Jupyter Lab, Anaconda, conda, publication-quality figures. View code on Github.

  • Big Data : Data management, data retrieval/acquisition, data analysis, NetCDF, HDF5, GRIB, RPN, json, XML, shapefile , Open Science Grid, numerical weather models.

  • Instrumentation : Experience using Campbell Scientific sensors, Micro Rain Radar, Ceilometer, Disdrometer: field work, data collection, data cleaning, data visualization. View code on Github.

  • Web Development : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, jquery, d3.js, highchart, leaflet :



Research Scientist and project manager

ESCER Center-UQAM / Mcgill University

Jan 2018 – Present Montreal

Responsibilities include:

  • EOS Project manager
  • RIISQ Data manager
  • ClimHunor Data manager

Research Scientist and data manager

UQAM University

Jan 2012 – Dec 2017 Montreal

Responsibilities include:

  • North American data manager for IRIACC project
  • FACE project data manager – develop a warning and monitoring system of extreme weather

Research Scientist


Jan 2010 – Dec 2011 Montreal

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and evaluate future high-resolution climate information on extremes
  • Generate high-resolution probabilistic climate change scenarios

Research Scientist

ESCER Center

Jan 2007 – Dec 2009 Montreal

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop subroutines in cloud microphysics scheme
  • Run climate model over regional scale
  • Study of Arctic climate sensibility


Website to visualize meteorological sensors at UQAM University

Personal website

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Réseau Inondations InterSectoriel du Québec.

Internal Project

Earth Observation System.

Recent Publications

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